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The app Whatsapp is a common apk that we can get from play store there is also an alternative app named GBWhatsapp. Whatsapp is now using worldwide as an asocial media network. This Whatsapp has limited common features. GBWhatsapp has special features and it cannot be download from play store. GB Whatsapp has all features like common Whatsapp that we can download from the play store but it has also some unique and awesome features.

GBWhatsapp Overview

The GB Whatsapp is a unique apk which we cannot get from the play store. This app contains special features such as hide online status, Download Video Status Directly from the status section.

GBWhatsapp Full Hacked Apk Download - Bebbler

GbWhatsapp Special Features

There are very unique and special features about GB Whatsapp which are given below.

  1. Download Status Videos Of Everyone Directly From The Status Section.
  2. Hide Your Online Status.
  3. Hide Status seen.
  4. Stop Online Time.
  5. Change Theme.
  6. Lock or Hide Chats.
  7. Message Revoke [Means you if someone sends a message and delete it after sending it then you can see it cannot be deleted from your side].
  8. You Can Hide Your Second Tick.
  9. We Also Can Hide Double OR Blue Ticks.
  10. Open Logo Mod Which Shows Every Detail About Your Contacts.
  11. Delete Your Most Recent Emojis.
  12. Payment Options.
  13. DND Mod
  14. More Than the 30-second status.

GB Whatsapp Old Version

There are many versions of GB Whatsapp.

Previous Old Version





GBWhatsapp Full Hacked Apk Download - Bebbler

GB Whatsapp Apk Download

You can download this awesome app by a visit to our website this site gives you all type of famous software and also famous games in the pro hacked versions.

GBWhatsapp Full Hacked Apk Download - Bebbler

GB Whatsapp For iPhone

GBWhatsapp For iPhones is not now available for iPhones. But GBWhatsapp For iPhone will be upload soon at

GBWhatsapp 6.60

GB Whatsapp 6.60 is the latest version of that app. The GB Whatsapp 6.60 is the latest update of that app. This app is better than the common Whatsapp that we download from our play store.